Sunday, November 21, 2010

Practice Plans

Alright, so I'm on vacation and I have power soccer tomorrow. Pretty awesome combination. Let me do my traditional "what I need to work on tomorrow" post.
• I have realized something very important about myself. Basically, in order to drive backwards quickly I need to hold my control differently than going forward quickly. So, I need to remember that and make a conscious effort to move my hands as quickly as possible.
• I need to remember that there is a time to pass, but there is also time to push the ball as an individual. Sometimes, if I drive the ball forward there might be a better opportunity to pass later. There is an important distinction between when to pass and when to dribble on. I tend to pass even if I have room in front of me to keep on pushing the ball which is a mistake.
• I need to get better at my one-on-one skills. I can play defense pretty well and I am pretty solid in the box, but I need to learn how to get around people on offense. I do have one nice move that tends to work very well, but as I've learned from basketball, post players need one solid post move, and then they need a move that will enable the player to not become too predictable. In theory, the second move would appear like the first one except have a different result so that if the defender anticipates the first move, it would appear different.
I hope you all enjoy this because I know that it is good for me to actually set goals.

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