Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Alternatives Exist

I think that power soccer is pretty awesome as you all know. I love playing, and I think it is a great competitive outlet. Also, I think that it is a very interesting commentary on disability in general. Recently, at least since the Americans with Disabilities Act, there has been more equality for people with disabilities. I think that that is awesome of course. However, I feel that the best part is that alternatives exist. Take power soccer for example. Somebody like me could never play normal soccer just because the logistics of the game just wouldn't work. However, now we have a game called power soccer, and it allows people like me the ability to compete in our own game. That is the point. Power soccer is different than normal soccer because logistically people with disabilities like me could never play regular soccer. It's an alternative that is ever increasingly growing. Obviously, we are nowhere near the popularity of normal soccer, but the point is that there is an alternative that allows people in wheelchairs to compete. I believe that disability is a difference, but everyone is different honestly. Incidentally, I really don't like the cliché "differently-abled" because I feel like it is simply a play on words that it needlessly redundant since no two people are identical in nature. People with disabilities simply live in a slightly alternative way just like power soccer is an alternative sport. Both can be enjoyed, and they both can make a difference.

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