Saturday, January 1, 2011

Sports Abound

Happy New Year to all of my readers! 2011 is now here, and today must be one of the best days ever because it is 1/1/11! How cool is that? Anyway, today would be resolution day for millions of people around the country and world. That leads me to wonder, what should my resolution be? I'm not sure somebody because I am not that much different than most other people. I have a great idea for a resolution, but it lasts about five days before I don't worry about it anymore. New Year's Day is also a big day in the sports world. Of course, football is huge today with probably the second most popular football game of the year, the Rose Bowl which is second only to the Super Bowl of course. Also, we have outdoor hockey in Boston. That seems pretty cool, but I might only enjoy it this year because it is warm outside. I really have little love of freezing or being cold in general, so watching people skate on ice while sitting outside would not be my ideal day. However, the weather is beautiful and pretty warm today in New England, so I hope everything goes off well!
Photo by dsearles on Flickr

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