Saturday, January 22, 2011

A Cold One Out There

As usual, here is my list of what I want to do better at power soccer today. Before I start though, I just wanted to mention that this is my 400th blog posting. Wow...

·         I know that it is very cold out today, so even though it isn't really a goal, I am really hoping that the gym is warm. I play so much better when I am warm, but I will work hard anyway.

·         I want to remember to integrate my spin kick into the flow of the game more efficiently. Every now and then, I can launch one, but it is my most powerful shot, so I would like to be able to put it in the game more often.

·         I want to get more comfortable backing up. We do a lot of drills that involve backing up, and I am getting better at them, but there's obviously room for improvement. Isn't there always room for improvement?

·         Finally, I want to use my teammates better. I need to get nice strong pass off to them more often. Again, that kind of relates to the above, but I thought it should be emphasized again.

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