Friday, January 14, 2011

The Curse is Broken

I was beginning to think that I was a curse for any basketball team from North Carolina. Why would I think this? Well, I was watching Duke the other night as they got beat by Florida State, a team they definitely should and could have beaten. I know that one loss does not constitute a curse, but then I was watching UNC last night as they fell behind by 10 almost immediately against Virginia Tech. Virginia Tech was dealing with injuries and the fact that one of their best players got in foul trouble right away. Therefore, there is no reason why North Carolina should have fallen behind. Another reason they were falling behind was because they were being outrebounded and outhustled by a smaller yet quicker and Virginia Tech team. Luckily for me though the Tar Heels did manage to pull out a three point victory in the end, so we can safely conclude that I am not a curse. Don't you just love superstition? I don't believe in a lot of that superstition, but I do enjoy how there is always the reason why the curse was started. Whatever you believe, remember that I am not a curse on nor have I ever been a curse to North Carolina sports.
Photo by Andersedin on Flickr

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