Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Financial Backing

I think that Brett Favre is finally retiring now. That would truly be the end of an era of a quarterback who has been embattled by controversy lately but had a brilliant career. We will see what the Hall of Fame says in a few years. Anyway, like I said yesterday, college starts today. That'll be fun. Yeah, I don't really have much else to say about that right now other than it is definitely time to get going; I am ready. So, for lack of anything else to talk about, let's talk about power soccer of course. I have been thinking about what a team needs to begin. One of the largest obstacles is financial support. I understand that most of the equipment available is solid and high quality, but the point does remain that the equipment is expensive. Some individuals are fortunate and have the means to buy their own equipment. Some people, such as our team, have the backing of a nonprofit to help them by the initial equipment which is incredibly helpful. I know that expenses are the nature of the game, but they are still an obstacle that teams need to address and develop a plan to play.
Photo by superstrikertwo on Flickr

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