Sunday, January 23, 2011

Two Great Games

Well, what a day of football! Both games were excellent, but I will say that the second one was better. The Jets had an amazing rally, and the Steelers had an amazing first half. Unfortunately, the opposing halves for each team were less than stellar, but it made for a very competitive game. I never felt like the Bears had much of a shot versus the Packers. They couldn't get their offense running until they brought in their third stringer whom I had never heard of but did a pretty good job considering the defense he was playing against and the magnitude of the game he was thrown into. Now, we have a golden Super Bowl, so not only will that be a lot of fun, but I hope it will be pretty competitive. You have two great defenses against two great quarterbacks, but from what I thought today, I would have to say that Pittsburgh has the upper hand simply because I think that the running game will be what differentiates the teams, and Pittsburgh had quite the offensive ground attack rolling in the first half. Of course, I would love to hear more opinions too, so don't be afraid to send them in!
Photo by tedkerwin on Flickr

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