Wednesday, January 26, 2011

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I think the purpose of school is to see how many assignments you can juggle at one time. Anyway, I told you about school yesterday, so we are going back to power soccer today since I haven't written about it since Saturday. Apparently, there was a tournament last weekend in St. Louis with DASA, but I do not have any scores as of yet because they have not been uploaded onto Incidentally, that is a great website that lets you see statistics from every game has been officially played for the past two years. Normally within a week they have scores online, so we will have to see what went down. The only reason I heard about the tournament was from the Facebook page of the Sudden Impact of Indianapolis. However, upon a little further research, here is a link to a video that was just barely uploaded which I assume is from the tournament in St. Louis, so that is definitely cool. Power soccer is one of the things that makes a lot more sense when you watch it on video than to explain it in words. Even though as I have said before there is not much media concerned with power soccer, pay attention to what's there to stay on top of the state of the game.
Photo by Charles & Hudson on Flickr

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