Sunday, January 16, 2011

Drills are Important

So, practice went well last night. I think we are definitely improving, so that was good. We are working on the fundamentals through drills, which is 100% necessary, so I was very happy about that. Although running through drills might not be as exciting as scrimmaging, I feel like they are just as if not more important because you are forced to repeat skills over and over. During a scrimmage for example, I might never need to spin kick. If we ran a drill to work on spin kicking, obviously I would work on them and they would improve. With the right combination of drills to work on a wide variety of necessary skills combined with scrimmaging to execute the skills in real time, I think we are going the right way. I thought we had a pretty good combination going last night that being said. I thought we worked on a lot of different skills, and we did scrimmage at the end. As a bonus, I think we all had fun too. Fun is important. Honestly, whether we are running drills or scrimmaging, I'm having fun. How can power soccer not be fun? It is great to finally have a sport, so I enjoy all of it.

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