Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Finally a Full Schedule

I think that I'm going to have an interesting semester. The reason I say that is because almost all of my classes have weekly assignments to do based on a lot of material. For example, my honors college class only meets once a week, but we need to read over 100 pages and write a short essay every week. Not that that is overwhelming in and of itself, but I have found that all of my classes have a similar setup. Therefore, I need to remind myself that although it might seem like I don't need to do homework all week, I really need to because that would be a very intimidating stockpile of work to do over the weekend. It is interesting because I've never really had my classes lineup like this, and I need to remember that fact. Now that I have had all my classes, I can say that it looks like it will be a good semester. I have a wide variety of classes, so I guess I am getting that liberal arts education that the honors college insisted that everyone desperately needed during our freshman seminar. Anyway, we will see how it goes, but it looks like fun.
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