Saturday, January 8, 2011

Puttin' in the Time

I think that power soccer went pretty well tonight. Of course, like I have told you all over and over and over again, spacing is so important, and we are definitely working on it, but we still need to improve. Also, I think that we will improve as we get more acclimated with how we play and how we should play which sometimes are different things. However, I definitely saw some good signs tonight especially from the passing department. I felt like we were passing better which is vital and a skill that sometimes we have problems with. Not that any of us really dominate the ball, but our passes were not necessarily powerful enough to get to our teammates. Tonight, I noticed that passes were getting places, so that was awesome. Also, even though we had a few pretty big hits tonight, I feel like our defense is getting better. Obviously, you don't want to be picking up penalties during the match, so the hard hits will need to be avoided, but there was better defense, so that was encouraging. All in all, at least I was content with how we played. Of course, we need to definitely work on improving as always!

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