Friday, January 28, 2011

The Date is Coming

On the power soccer side of life, you will notice that the Circle City Rollers literally plowed through the Ball State Cardinals 10-0 and 9-0 recently. Both of these are high-quality teams, but I know I've written before about how I think that Circle City will be extraordinarily hard to beat come tournament time. I would like to see them play Atlanta before the tournament however. Atlanta has been blowing everyone else out as well, but they have not quite put up that many goals against Premier level competition. That being said, Atlanta has played 10 games so far and has outscored opponents 90-0. Granted, many of those goals are from blowouts of lower conference teams, but the point remains that they have not really had one costly defensive error this year. I am sure that they have made a mistake or two, but they have been able to recover and not surrender a goal yet. Circle City has only played four games, but they have outscored their opponents 33-0. I don't I see how anybody will challenge these two teams, but I also know that power soccer is somewhat unpredictable. All it takes is one mistake to change a game, so we will see what the tournament will bring.
Photo by RJ Bailey on Flickr

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