Thursday, January 6, 2011

Gyms in Vermont

So, I am heading to Thetford tonight to watch my sister play basketball. I have never been there before, so that'll be fun. For some reason, I really love visiting new gyms. It might be something about the idea that there's basketball going on so that makes any room great. However, I think that it might be the fact that every gym is different. For example, if you literally want to sit on the court, go to Craftsbury. One of my personal favorites is Cabot. I've been going there since I was really little, and back in those days Cabot was a powerhouse. Therefore, I always associate that gymnasium with those great teams of the past. It also kind of looks like a boat turned upside down with that type of bracing on the ceiling. I know that the playing surface is far less than ideal, but I also like the atmosphere in that gymnasium because it truly is a town activity. Granted, I haven't been over there for two years, but it truly was the event where everybody came out to watch the game. I always thought it felt kind of like Hoosiers because it was really the only winter sport in town and they were really good (although they have fallen on tough times). Maybe Thetford will break into the top ranks tonight, but who knows?
Photo by  Minimalist Photography on Flickr

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