Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Translation Please

I figured out a new use for Google Translate today. Obviously, many people have probably done this before, but I finally thought about doing it this way. Power soccer is obviously a worldwide event. There are major organized leagues in several different countries, but as you might know, the 2007 World Cup was held in Japan. That is pretty excellent and a great place to hold the tournament, but that also meant that much of the information about the tournament on the official website was written in Japanese. Finally, I realized that Google Translate could do the job for me. I was a little disappointed because grammatically it did not make sense when Google translated it, but it was still very cool that I at least could understand the overall theme of what they were talking about. It is very cool how technology can do things like that for us. I didn't need to pull out my old Japanese to English dictionary which I don't have nor have I ever had. I was able to pretend I was a lot smarter than I was, and that is definitely a good thing. Just kidding, but I was excited when it finally dawned on me that I could do this. Incredibly basic, but it was something that I never thought about before.
Photo by Leo-seta on Flickr

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