Saturday, January 15, 2011

Practice Later

I'm going back to a tradition because most of what I do is based on some form of routine anyway. It is a blog post before power soccer practice, so here is my list of what I want to work on.

·         First, I did turn up my turn to speed a little bit more, so I will adapt to that and then utilize more of the speed that I now have hopefully. I still am nowhere near top speed while turning though because I wanted to avoid the jerking motion that tends to occur when you get too much speed too quickly.

·         Second, I want to improve my one-on-one play. Although power soccer is a game that relies on spacing, there is almost always one-on-one play going on. I think that turning up my turn speed will help me be able to pull the ball back better and make a stronger pass back, but my technique still needs improvement.

·         Finally, just like everyone else, I need to remember the two on one. We all mess up on that every now and then, but I would prefer at least for myself not to ever do it.

Well, there you go. You know what I want to do, so we'll see how I do!

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