Monday, January 10, 2011

Loss of Activity

What does everyone think about my Eagles? Pretty sad. Whatever, I guess now I'll have to be a moderate observer during the Super Bowl. That means that it is now entirely basketball season as far as I'm concerned, but I must admit that it was more basketball season than football season as far as I was concerned. However, now the rest of the world will embrace basketball in about a month. Anyway, although it is a short story long, I was disappointed by the football result. Let me say that this week is extraordinarily inconvenient. Most of the high schools in this area are experiencing the agony of midterms or final exams. Therefore, there are very few basketball games going on this week. That is not a great thing by any means. However, there is one game going on tomorrow night, so that will be awesome. It's funny when something takes up such a large part of your time because you tend to be lost without it. I know though that I will be back in the swing of both basketball and college next week, so that will be interesting and fun all at once! We shall see what will happen...
Photo by jurvetson on Flickr

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