Monday, January 3, 2011

Looking Forward

Well, apparently Brett Favre is retiring for real this time. Of course, we have heard this before, but he isn't getting any younger so it probably will be true this time. Nevertheless, the playoffs are coming, so that will be a lot of fun, and it will of course be capped off by the Super Bowl featuring the two best teams in the NFL and the Black Eyed Peas at halftime. Then, after that we have March Madness and baseball season, two of my favorite times of the year. Interspersed with this will be a few more dunks by Blake Griffin I'm sure simply because he does something highlight reel worthy almost every night. That guy is ridiculous! Baseball season will be fun because there's no reason that the Phillies should not dominate this year. They now have the best rotation in baseball to go with the offense that is still one of the best even though it is not quite as strong as it was in right field. Maybe Dominic Brown will surprise us all! How nice would that be? Either way, we have a lot to look forward to in the next few months, so enjoy your fantasy that your team might win the World Series this year because once the season starts, we all know who's going all the way.
Photo by nightthree on Flickr

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